Romantic Heart Key Chain Wedding Favors

The 2D crystal heart keychain looks fantastic, but what’s even better is that the crystal heart keychain can also be a beautiful personal keepsake. With a simple push of the switch, your brand new 2D crystal heart will illuminate in brilliant detail with a brilliant White LED Light enabling your cherished photo to instantly come to life at night or the next day. Your photo (max 2 faces) can be laser etched on the front side of your crystal heart, never on the surface, which makes this an excellent personalized and bespoke keepsake, ideal for any special occasion, holiday or party. You can choose your favourite photograph or choose one of hundreds of stunning images to inspire you.

As a crystal heart keychain, the design is plain, elegant and sophisticated. You’ll love how easily you can wear your stylish crystal heart pendant around your neck without interference. You’ll also love how versatile this beautiful keychain is. You can use it to wear with simple jeans or t-shirts, or dress up your evening wear with your favourite dress.

The heart design is on a solid silver plated ball which has a wire wrapped around the entire ball. This enables the light to shine through and display your photo. To add your own personal message, simply add a short personal message that you would like to be printed onto the crystal label before you attach your photo. This can be a message such as “I’m so happy I could cry” or “I feel really blessed”.

To complete your amazing and memorable wedding, you need to buy some lovely bridal shower favors to add to your collection. Heart shaped key chains are lovely wedding ideas for the bridesmaids, but what about those wonderful groomsmen? An unforgettable wedding is only as good as the food your guests have to eat! There is nothing more delightful than sending your groomsmen a fabulous bottle of champagne with a personalized tag that says ‘You’re Always Thankful’. These are two very thoughtful wedding gifts you can buy to make your wedding extra special.

Whether you buy romantic heart keychain wedding favors for your bridal shower favors or for the groom, these delightful crystal heart pendants will add a delightful touch to any gift that you buy. If you are looking for the perfect unique wedding present for your loved one, consider something as unique and unusual as these two bridal shower favors. They say that you should allow yourself enough time to surprise your loved one, so why not do it in style by giving something completely unexpected?

When you are shopping for bridal shower favors, it is important to think carefully about the type of gift you want to send. If you want to get the most out of the wedding gift you choose, it is important to think about what the recipient would enjoy. Crystal heart keychain wedding favors are both beautiful and practical, so they will always be a welcome gift. Your bridesmaids will always remember how happy they were when they received a gorgeous crystal heart keychain and you will always be reminded of the bride when you wear one of these lovely crystal heart pendant charms. You are guaranteed a sentimental treasure when you choose the romantic heart keychain wedding favors that are right for you.

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